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I should mention that if you purchase anything from this page or through this search engine I do make about 4 percent commission - but it doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps defray the costs of keeping this site up so please consider using this page as a source for your purchases. If you’ve never used them before and are unsure of using the web to shop, I have been using them for years and have never had any trouble at all.


Sometimes hard to find but worth the effort. This is a great book for all ages. It's easy to read and informative; if you love salt marsh you won't be able to put it down.


A "must-have" for anyone interested in the ecology of Florida. Some of it is technical, but it’s a valuable addition to anyone's library - from biologist to naturalist. It explains the geological history, weather, soils and ecosystem types of Florida.






A very nice, less technical companion to Ecosystems of Florida, full of great photos. Also available in hardcover.


This is a good companion book to Ecosystems of Florida. It would be a good source for people involved in policy decisions in Florida - if any of them was interested in what was sustainable.






Mosquito control has played a huge role in shaping the ecology of the Thousand Islands. This book goes into the details, and no natural history library in Florida could be complete without it.


The words Economy and Ecology share the same root and can be translated as management and study of the household, respectively. We must merge these two disciplines into a new paradigm to manage our societies as our numbers grow towards 10 billion.






I was fortunate to have Dr. Taylor on my Thesis Committee. If you wish to learn wildflowers you need his books. Birding is cool, but wildflowers are much easier to stalk than birds. They hold still for identification and photography. This book is sorted by where the flowers are found. Become a "Wildflowerer" with Dr. Taylor's books!


Dr. Taylor's first wildflower book. This one is arranged by flower color. It makes a nice companion to his latest one.






Dr. Taylor has a passion for the history of biological exploration in Florida and a gift for presenting the material. Read about Andre Michaux and his journey through a Florida that no longer exists. Then, in your travels through Florida identifying wildflowers, count how many times the name michauxii comes up.


If you’re serious about plant identification, you pretty much have to have Dr. Wunderlin's book. Use Dr. Taylor's books with this one to practice using Keys.






I've used this book a lot. Gil Nelson has done a great job with this one and the fern book to the left.


I have to admit, ferns can be baffling. This book will help you identify them.






Invaluable to anyone who wants to identify birds. I need to own all his books. If you're a serious birder, you should too.


Shorebirds - can’t live with them, can’t go birding in salt marsh without them. Dennis Paulson brings their identification within reach of the mere mortal with this book.






Ever wonder what kind of bird is making that sound you hear? When it comes to identifying birds, often you have only the call to go by. These CDs will help. I own them all and recommend them.
















If you put a native plant outside its niche (like putting an understory plant in full sun) you might as well use a non-native because you lose the advantage that a native gives you. Nicely illustrated, this book will help you make the right decisions.


If you don’t laugh every time you hear a talking-head say what “normal” rainfall is, or bemoan the “drought” in April, you need this book. It’s a great addition to your library even if you do laugh at them.






If you are going to go out for a hike to enjoy Florida and use all those field guides you’re buying, then you will need to know where to go.


When you’ve finished kayaking the Thousand Islands, this book will be of help you find other cool places to go.






Joan Roever was a naturalist, gifted artist and author who influenced me early in life. This is an excellent book for the beginning herpetologist. Some of the names have changed in the years since its creation, but this is still a great book.


A great source for southern snake identification!






What can I say, NOT ecology but still required reading! Drummer Nick Mason brings us great pictures and stories about the Floyd, from the inside out.


This is a cool book of aerial photographs of the entire Indian River Lagoon system. Great for fishing and natural history.

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